Mill Yard Studios

Art works by David Penn & Pam Williamson

David Penn

David began drawing in his playpen at the age of two, equipped with sticks of charcoal and a full size drawing board. He's never stopped since, though time and a studio have helped liberate his work. Versatile and restless, he explores and exploits many mediums and subjects. He has an especial interest in both landscape and life drawing, and the ambiguities of the ground between the two.

Pam Williamson

Passionate about the environment, Pam studies in her work the shaping effects on landscape of natural forces and human intervention. Living in Ambleside, the Lake District is a continual source of inspiration for her. In her recent work, significant natural upheavals -diseases, gales, floods - and journeys made on foot through the landscape are recorded in paint, found objects and thoughts into multi-layered works encapsulating an event, a day, or a place.


Tel: 01539 721836 (David Penn)

Tel: 01539 433749 (Pam Williamson)





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